We all like to share Love Whatsapp Status with our loved one’s. We believe that sharing is caring. With whom we share our every single thing in life we care about them and tell them how much we love them by sharing these perfect and best love status for whatsapp. Today i and my team are going to share love whatsapp status in english/hindi. We have collected some Romantic whatsapp status collection. We hope that you like what we share and also share these status with your family, friends and colleagues.

Latest Love Whatsapp Status In English/ Hindi

  • In love never say “Sorry”!
  • Whenever it rains, I feel U.
  • #Rain makes a heart Go Romantic.#
  • My real smile comes when i am with U.
  • Being In Love Never Goes Out Of Style.


  • There is No Scale To Measure the love..
  • Love is that, which can never explained.
  • Rainy days makes me think about U a lot,,
  • Once, I Talk To You, Nothing Else Matters.
  • You’re Different But That’s Why I Like You.
  • True Loves Never Dies, It Only Gets Stronger.


  • When I think about you…I don’t feel so alone..
  • I Think Our Love Can Do Anything We Want It To.
  • My Eyes Literally Turn To Hearts When I See You.
  • I’M In Love With You….And All Your Little Things.
  • I’m in love with you ,and nobody stop loving you…
  • Every time i see U I fall in love all over again.

Best Love Status For Whatsapp

  • Love is master key of opening a gate of happiness…
  • You’re That Someone, I Never Expected To Fall For.
  • Itna mat sataya karo ki raat tak So na sake hum…!!
  • A Smile Is An Inexpensive Way To Change Your Looks.
  • I Never Wish To Be Parted From You From This Day On.
  • Beauty Fades After Time, But Personality Is Forever!


  • Come What May…..I Will Love You…..Until My Dying Day.
  • Love doesn’t need to be perfect.It needs to be True..!
  • My 6 words love story # I can’t imagine Life without U
  • I Wanna Lay On Your Chest & Listen To Your Heart Beat.
  • I love U more than stars in the sky & fish in the sea.
  • From The First Day I Saw You. You Had Me, I Was Yours.
  • Dard dilon k kam ho jaate,Main aur Tum agar hum ho jate…
  • Feels Like Half Of Me Is Missing And I Hate This Feeling
  • Every time We Say Good Bye. I Wish We Had One More Kiss!
  • You Are My Heart And Soul. I Will Love You Forever Long.
  • When I Talk To You The Rest Of The Word Suddenly Fades Away.


  • Meri Zindgi bigaad di tumne..Apne lamhe sanwarne ki laye..!!
  • When You Kissed Me With Love In Your Heart You Owned My Soul
  • Jiss ki sazaa sirf tum ho,,Mujhe aisa koyi gunaah karna hain..
  • A Hundred Hearts Would Be Too Few To Carry All My Love For You.
  • Love never fails and when it fails in life, then it’s not love!
  • The Best Feeling Are Those That Have No Words To Describe Them.
  • You May Hold My Hand For A While, But You Hold My Heart Forever.
  • Love Is A Blind Whore With Mental Disease And No Sense Of Humor.
  • I Wish You To Know That You Have Been The Last Dream Of My Soul.
  • Time goes by a very slower when you miss the someone who love you.

Love Whatsapp Status For GirlFriend and BoyFriend

  • Its Better To Have Loved And Lost Than Never To Have Loved At All.
  • True Love = No doubts + No jealousy + No worries then life is good
  • Kiss me, & U will see stars, Love me and i will give them to you.!!
  • Love is the only thing that controls every single emotion you have.
  • Someone asked me, How’s life,,?.I just smiled & replied, She’s fine.


  • When I Look Into Your Eyes, Its Like Falling In Love All Over Again.
  • Bas itni c umar k talbadar hai,,na maru tere pehle, na jiu tere bad !!
  • The More We Filled With Thoughts Of Lust The Less Find True Romantic Love.
  • The person who truly loves U will never let U go whatever the situation is.
  • There Is No Difference Between A Wise Man And A Fool When They Fall In Love.
  • Ansu humari ankho ki kaad me thai,Bas teri yaad aye or inhe zamanat mil gai…
  • Love is like the sun which coming out from the clouds and warming your soul.
  • I Love You With All My Tummy, I Could Say Heart But My Tummy Is Much Bigger.
  • If you were thinking about someone, while studying you’re definitely in Love…
  • Love Doesn’t Make The World Go Round. Love Is What Makes The Ride Worthwhile.
  • That Day Must Be The Happiest Day Of My Life! Because You Said ‘You Love Me’!!!
  • Har Baar Dil Se ak Hi Paigam Aata hai , Zuban Kholu To Tera Hi Naam Aata hai..!!
  • I Don’t Need A Perfect Relationship, I Just Need Someone Who Won’t Give Up On Me.

Romantic Whatsapp Status

  • A man in love is incomplete until he is married with her love. Then he’s finished.
  • Pata nhi or kis kis ka ho geya wo shakhs,,,Jo kabhi mera hone ka dawa krta tha….!!
  • Regardless If Life’s Ups And Downs, You’re The Sunshine That Wipes Away My Frowns.
  • It Seems Right Now That All I’ve Ever Done In My Life Is Making My Way Here To You.
  • Mein kyu pukaru use ki lout aao,Kya use khaber nhi,Ki kuchh nhi mere pas uske siwaye..
  • Agar Khuda ne Tumhe thoda aur Khubsurat bnaya hota, To Jarur Apne hi Pass rakh liya hota.
  • kaisa rog de gayi hai nye mousam ki barish, Mujhe yaad aa rahe hai mujhe bhul jane wale.!!
  • Log kehte hai ki mohabbat ek bar hoti hain,.Lekin me jb jb use dekhu mujhe hr bar hoti hai..
  • Ek gujarish hai tujhse zara ruk k barasna,,,Aa jaaye jab mera mehboob to phir jamm k barasna
  • Love is like a rubber band, when both can stretch ,and then one can release then it can heart the other!
  • Love is just something U can’t explain, like the look of a rose, the smell of rain, or the feeling of forever.
  • If you truly love someone, then the only thing you want do for them is to be happy….even if you are not with him..

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